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Fire extinguishing systems and fire alarm

The company's products are divided into two parts
Fire extinguishing systems.
Fire Alarm Systems.

Mod Design is a distinguished company in the implementation and design of fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems. We provide all fire fighting systems according to Egyptian code.

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The aim of using fire alarm system

All establishments must rely on the installation of a fire alarm system through a distinctive fire alarm company in its work to maintain the performance of the fire alarm system

The fire alarm is installed for a specific purpose, which is the early detection of the fire and the speed of the alert on all the people in the building through means of sound such as beeps and alarm bells and also through visual means of kerosene alarms. In order to avoid serious damage to the building, the early detection of fire makes the containment of fire a success. By a very large percentage in the case of late detection

Services provided by fire alarm system

1 - Early detection of fire and give a warning to everyone that there is a fire in the building

2 - Control doors in a way that prevents the direction of the outbreak of fire

3 - Control the elevators in a way that allows the speed of departure from the building

4 - Contact the numbers of the fire station of the building

5 - Control the suspension of ventilation and ventilation systems in the building to reduce the spread of fire

• Ventilation and ventilation systems in the building to reduce the spread of fire
Fire alarm systems
The first system of fire alarm (addressable)

Is a fire alarm system characterized by each sensor in the system has a fixed address can be located in the event of a fire alarm in the place where the fire can be located through the control panel located in the main control room is installed through a closed loop is installed all the sensors and reached the Motherboard
Second Fire Alarm System (conventional)

This system is characterized by a lower price compared to the system, but it is not possible to locate the alarm as in the system, but each group of sensors is divided into an area and the area of ​​the alarm is determined without specifying any sensor specifically alarm
I am a fire alarm cable

Type I (tolerates up to 950 degrees Celsius)

This type can be installed without having to put it inside pipes to protect it because it bears very high temperatures but at the expense of price because the price of this type of cable is too expensive

Type II (tolerate temperatures up to 105 ° C)

This type of cable should be placed inside pipes to withstand higher temperatures and to protect the cable from high grades. This cable is characterized by its low price compared to the first type of fire alarm cables

How to choose the type of cables in terms of space of the segment compared to distance:

In case the cable distance from the panel and the last warning point is less than 3000 m long, cables with a 1.5 mm square area are used

In case the cable distance from the main panel and the last warning point is more than 3000 m long, cables with a 2.5mm square section area

 I am a fire alarm sensor
Smoke sensor

This type of sensors is one of the most common fire alarm sensors and depends on the way it works on the linear beam, so there is a fire that escalates from the smoke and interrupts the linear beam located inside the sensor and therefore starts fire alarm. This type of sensors is suitable for places where smoke is not present in normal conditions and is not suitable for places where heavy dust and smoke are present in the kitchen, heating and steam areas. In this type, a fire alarm is installed at distances of about 7.5 m between each sensor and the other. This is carried out and reviewed through a fire alarm company

2. Heat sensitivity

This type of fire alarm sensors depends on the sense of high temperatures caused by fires. There are two kinds of heat sensitive sensors that can sense temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius and are installed in normal places where the temperature does not exceed this limit. The second type can sense temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius and are installed in high temperature places Such as generators and boilers with a temperature exceeding 60 ° C

3 - Double sensitivity to heat and smoke

This type of fire alarm sensors includes characteristics characterized by heat sensor and smoke sensor, but more expensive than the previous types. It is preferred to use an alternative to the smoke sensor in places where there is evaporation and heavy smoke, which is more effective than

4. Beam detector

This sensor is characterized by work in places with high altitudes such as stores, cinemas and theaters where it is difficult for the sensors of normal sense of fire and consists of this type of sensors of two pieces, one of them for transmission and the other reception where it is installed at a height of 7 to 10 meters and installed in places The height is more than 6 meters, but be careful that if installed at a distance of more than 10 meters, the sensor may not work in the event of fire, and there are types covering the distance of 100 meters and the other covering a distance of 50 meters between the reception piece and the transmitter

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